Many Hands Food Co-op

Many Hands Food Co-op


Our mission is to provide locally sourced, healthy, and affordable food to North-side residents in Binghamton while promoting jobs and community involvement using our cooperative business model.


The Many Hands Food Co-op is an organization of North-side residents, professionals, and students working together to create a locally sourced grocery store in the North-side of Binghamton. The North-side is a food desert, which is an area without reasonable and affordable access to the local food system, for example grocery stores. Many North-side residents lack convenient transportation to other areas and the bus system only allows two personal bags. This is detrimental to residents’ health,  community, and the local economy. In collaboration with the Binghamton Regional Sustainability Coalition (BRSC), the Many Hands Food Co-op is working to improve the lives of Binghamton’s North-side residents. 

Many Hands Food Co-op is creating a community-owned grocery store that will help  feed  families healthy food, support local farms, and create local jobs. A cooperative grocery store will provide a healthy, locally oriented option to supplement chain grocery stores, offering everything from fresh produce to household items. It will serve as a place to nurture community involvement and to come together around food.

With your help, this cooperative operation will reconnect the North-side to the local food network, create local jobs, and enrich neighborhoods while supporting local farmers, producers, and artisans to enhance the local economy.

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